Created Equal?

But I’m not like other people….

This whole blogging thing has just been a thorn in my side. I’ve had ideas for philosophical explorations (okay, I admit it – they’re ravings!), and I’ll draft something.  A few days later I would look at it, go “Blech!” and trash the whole thing and start over.  A few days later, I’d look at it again, go “Retch!” and trash the whole thing….

You get the picture.

So finally I decided that if I’m going to rave about something, I might as well rave.  You see, I’m not like other people … in a developed country.  My lifestyle is more like the well-to-do on a wild frontier where you have to watch out for “bitey” things.  And well-to-do might be pushing it.

Internet access is a joke in the rural area where I live. And by joke I mean I’ve got to laugh about it or use the loudest profanity you’ve ever heard.  Therefore this whole social media thing isn’t part of my reality.

I’m neither a follower nor a leader, but I do have a tendency to wander off by myself.

Then there’s the other aspects of my less-than-modern lifestyle, but I might as well save it for another raving. There, now I have something to blog about regularly.

And how does this have anything to do with my books? Well, my characters tend to not be like other people….