Take a Video Excursion

The Delaney farm that our protagonist Shad grew up on, and the Osage River that he became so familiar with, were inspired by an actual location.

Therefore it seemed appropriate to put together a couple of short videos that could further illustrate the environment that influenced him. Although one focuses upon the farm and the other the river, they go together in a literary union.  Just click on the links below and enjoy:




About the Author

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A. E. Branson is a native born Missourian who enjoys exploring the country and prefers to do as much of that as she can on foot. As a farm girl her upbringing leaned toward the rustic. Besides reading, her free time was often filled concocting stories of her own while hiking, hunting or fishing.

She took every English course the high school in the small town of Clever had to offer, and then obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Writing at Missouri State University (except then it was Southwest Missouri State University). Her writing stints included working as a reporter for a weekly newspaper in Nixa.

After marriage moved her around the country for a few years, she “settled down” and devoted time to her family while keeping her writing craft honed. She now divides her attention between the latest technologies for freelance and publishing, and keeping life leaning toward the rustic on their small farm.