Blog Battle Short Stories

All stories below are my contributions to the #BlogBattle monthly prompt.

The following chapters were posted for the novella Tossing Dice, which is available for free at any e-book retailer. The book version contains an exclusive bonus chapter that delves deeper into the story line. Did I mention it’s free?


Chapter  1 – By Design

Chapter  2 – Best-Laid Schemes

Chapter  3 – A Small Matter of Life and Death

Chapter  4 – Rope’s End

Chapter  5 – Achilles’ Heel

Chapter  6 – For the Sake of the Name

Chapter  7 – Degrees of Evil

Chapter  8 – Evil by Degrees

Chapter  9 – Always an Alternative

Chapter 10 – Only Other Option

Chapter 11 – Burning Bushes

Chapter 12 – Double Deuce

Chapter 13 – Deuces Wild

Chapter 14 – The Red Sea

Chapter 15 –Standing on the Shore

Chapter 16 – Pharaoh’s Chariots

Chapter 17 – Pillar of Fire

Chapter 18 – Parting the Waters

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