The Evolution of a Story (Part V): Why


The following is an article from a six-part series that explores aspects of creating the storyline for the End of an Age quadrilogy (yes, that’s a made-up word).

In one of my college writing classes the instructor had us include the reason for writing any essay we turned in.  The only goal we weren’t allowed to use was Entertainment.

Although fiction is meant to entertain, the stories that stick with us most are usually a mix of cautionary tales, revelations of societal ills, or inspiration to make a change.  The purpose for writing the End of an Age series is also multifold, but it can be boiled down to one basic concept:  We must keep our freedom.

That concept begins in a small way during the first book, Darkness upon the Land.  The main character, Alexia, has an ability that makes her a target to conspirators.  As she struggles to remain free, however, the threat to liberty begins to grow.  Society could suffer if her powers could be harvested and utilized.  The second book, Wail of the Tempest (coming soon!), addresses that realization.

The characters get placed in more dire circumstances as the threat continues to grow.  How do I determine what all is at stake?  Part of that question fits into the next and final article, How.

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