Take Ten


Ever hear of the adage about how writing is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration?  While the perspiration does help to build compositional muscle, inspiration can actually be spurred by taking certain actions.

Attending conferences helps a lot of people.  Visiting a locale related to one’s muse is useful to some people.  People-watching can spark incentives for other people.

While I have the necessary drive to churn out books, I tend to view blogging as a scenic (AKA filled with potholes) side road that detracts from the journey’s destination.  At the risk of sounding trite, life is a journey.  Potholes and side roads and other hazards are standard features of any trip.

But with the right attitude, they also make the trip more, well, exciting.

A workshop I attended the other night fired up some inspiration for the ol’ blog post.  The presenter, Melanie Peters, is a dynamic individual who has made part of her life’s purpose helping others reach their goals in life.  Her enthusiasm is as genuine as it is contagious.

Want to experience some positive energy?  Go check out her blog at intentergy.

There’s no reason to assume that just because inspiration is only ten percent of the formula, you need to wait for it to fall out of the sky.  Spur it on.  Do something.  And when you discover your zeal becomes infectious and spreads to others, you’ll notice that certain contrary element in your life wasn’t so bad after all.

Wow, this is an amazing pothole….

And Happy Valentine’s Day!



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