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I try to keep these blogs as brief as possible.

The End

P.S.  Storytelling shouldn’t be sacrificed in the name of brevity.  The length can ebb and wane as it gets perfected.  For instance, during the draft I might write something like this:

The dog was mean.

Brief and to the point, huh?  It’s also imprecise and unimaginative.  So on the first rewrite it could wind up re-rendered into something like this:

The dog lunged against its chain and foam spewed from its mouth as it snarled at any people who passed by.

Now you can form a mental image.  But this version is still rough around the edges and could use some improvement.  Further rewriting could make it wind up as this:

Foam spewed from the Pekingese’s mouth as it lunged against the chain to hurl yaps at passersby.

Not only is the sentence more concise, but your imagery just got upended, huh?

While we’re on the topic of keeping it brief, the next post is going to be a short story I’m submitting for this month’s #BlogBattle.  It’s been a while since I’ve written fiction with fewer than 80,000 words, so this could prove interesting.

Maybe I’ll title it The Dog Was Mean.  Or maybe not….

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