Another Brief Announcement


A month ago I announced the Authors Give Back sale offered at Smashwords.  Due to the continuing effects of COVID-19, the sale on e-books has been extended to May 31.  If you’re not already a Smashwords member, never fear:  Membership is free.

And speaking of free, the first two books of my four-part series, Darkness upon the Land and Wail of the Tempest, are also still available at no cost until May 31.  The End of an Age quadrilogy (as I like to call it) is about a coronal mass ejection that crashes the electrical grid and the technology dependent upon it.  The storyline focuses on a young woman with a bioenergetic ability that makes her a target to a corrupt faction.

There is tribulation and death, but there is also courage and hope.  While people are being isolated and many are experiencing economic uncertainty, offering books for free is one small way I can try to help.

The third book will be coming out later this spring.  I’ve pushed back its debut because of issues related to this virus, but more information will be available as the launch date approaches.

Many other titles by other authors are being offered at deep discounts or free.  To get started, click on the link below.  And in the meantime stay safe and sound!


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