Five Fun Facts about Cast into the Fire


Pardon the shameless promotion, but you know it’s got to happen every now and then….

1. Expect characters you didn’t expect

Okay, I would call that above statement oxymoronic (some might just call it moronic), but it’s true.  Considering Cast into the Fire is book three of a quadrilogy (a word I’m trying to establish in our lexicon), certain characters from book one get to make reappearances they didn’t have in the second book.

As you would expect, several players in the second book return for this round.  And what’s a new book without new characters…?

2. The research took years

Considering Darkness upon the Land debuted in 2017, this might not be much of a surprise.  Knowing what – and where – things would be happening in the following books, I’ve taken advantage of any opportunities that turned up to further the research.

As a writer, my mind takes on sponge-like qualities whenever I travel, anyway (although some might claim those ocean denizens and I think alike, regardless).  I go anywhere with the assumption I might need to know this for a future story.  It’s a good thing Hubby enjoys exploring as much as I do, or he’d be left sitting out in the car….

3. These darn books keep getting longer

When the second book, Wail of the Tempest, was completed, I was actually a bit disgruntled it was a few hundred words longer than the first one.  Imagine my disgruntlement when book three wound up over a thousand words longer.

The books will be as long as they have to be to tell their stories, but longer books create more work.  This may seem obvious, but did you factor in the editing and formatting that follows the writing?  And as you would expect, the more words there are, the more errors that can creep in.

I’m really hoping the final book will reverse this trend … but it will be as long as it has to be to tell its story (sigh).

4. Its debut was delayed by COVID-19

Count this book among the things got pushed back, thanks to that annoying virus.  The bug and I have kept a wide berth, but the societal effects of this flu caused some complications.  All the lockdowns and social distancing descended in full force while I was working with beta readers on making final polishes to the manuscript.

Technology helped us overcome enough hurdles in that arena, but then I had to take the job market under consideration.  People were falling into unemployment.  Even if it was only temporarily, it didn’t make sense to ask folks to buy a new book while they weren’t sure when their paycheck would return.

5. It’s so timely, it’s scary

A major theme of Cast into the Fire is resisting totalitarian policies.  Been listening to any news lately?  Plenty of people are suspicious about limits to our freedom to assemble, or delays on economic recovery, or requests of contact information on folks who go to church (to make it easier to track new cases, they say).

The story involves a corrupt government faction that treads on rights in the name of rebuilding.  We’re flirting with violating some rights in the name of keeping people safe.  It’s not my goal to be an alarmist, but it’s always a good idea to remain vigilant….

So here’s a reminder this book is being offered at a special introductory price.  The e-book is available for preorder at your favorite online book retailer for $2.99.  The paperback will be available at Amazon by June 2 at the lower price of $12.00 until June 16.

Okay, I’m sufficiently ashamed.  Time to get back to work on that next book….


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