If It Ain’t Broke….

We all know technology changes and that it’s been changing at a faster pace than ever before.  My grandparents belonged to the generation that rode in a horse-drawn buggy as kids and then watched men walk on the moon before they passed away.

In my lifetime we’ve gone from dialing the phone to telling the phone who to call; changing channels on the television by turning a switch to using a remote to surf through all sorts of options; and banging away on a manual typewriter to tapping away on a notebook computer.  Yeah, this stuff is nice, however….

The folks who program software seem to switch things up just for the sake of changing things around.  I like knowing where to click on the toolbar to alter text or add an image.  And then some programmer person decides to update the look and style and claim the new version will be easier to use.

Yeah, maybe … but not until after I’ve spent weeks feeling like a kindergartner learning a new application (although these days a kindergartner would probably master it in minutes).  I was happy with the old version.  All this new garbage just makes me click more often because the icon I’m looking for is now hidden somewhere, and somehow that makes the program work better….

Sorry, I just had to rant.  Spending much of my time researching history or what might unfold in the future leaves me a bit unprepared for the present.  And while I’m complaining, Technology, take this into consideration:

I remember (barely) watching men walk on the moon, but once those missions stopped, we haven’t been back.  How about you leave my programs alone and get us back to the moon, or better yet, take us to Mars…?

6 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke….

  1. I SO agree.
    I remember switching from an analog to a digital camera. Those who had experience with the older models had trouble adjusting to the newer ones but the ones who never touched the older one caught on quicker with the new one. Why? Habits. If we are used to do A a certain way, it will take us a moment to learn to use it in another way. Yet, when you are learning about something brand new, you might pick it up easier. At least that is my experience.
    The whole software updates are a pain. I agree with you. They are FAR from intuitive.

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