Cover Story

News flash:  Books get judged by their covers.

The design on a cover helps to convey information beyond the title.  If the words Bug Out is emblazoned across the page, the imagery can help determine what it’s about.  Are military forces pictured?  Must have something to do with troops relocating.  Do we see shivering insects?  Must have something to do with pest control.

But the design on a cover can also capture a reader’s attention.  If a book entitled Full Moon Tonight only shows – you guessed it – a full moon, a potential reader may pass it over.  If a snarling werewolf is pictured, people looking for that kind of story will be drawn in.  And if we see a werewolf’s derriere, then you can figure the story will be … ahem … quirky….

Getting a good cover designer is important.  And for tightwads like me, getting a good cover at a good price is … priceless.

Lo and behold, the designer I’ve enjoyed working with is running a 20% off sale until December 28.  Her prices are great to begin with, so the sale makes getting a cover even more affordable.  If you’re in the market to get a cover designed, check out her portfolio at VilaDesign, and mention you heard about the sale.

Let me be transparent here:  I’m not getting any special kickbacks for mentioning this.  My only benefit is it gave me a topic to ramble about this week….

Writer or reader or both, think about what covers popped out at you.  It is an art form to be appreciated, even adding to reading enjoyment.

Now on to other stories….

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