A Very Brief Announcement

All the ducks are finally lined up for the publication of my novella, Tossing Dice.  Eighteen of the chapters were posted online, but the free e-book contains a bonus chapter that delves more deeply into the story line.  A $4 (US) paperback is available at Amazon for those who like the feel of a book in their hands.

Here are a few more links for your clicking convenience:


Barnes and Noble



Whew!  It’s nice to check off that task and move on to the next one….

4 thoughts on “A Very Brief Announcement

  1. CongratZ!
    It’s been mentioned to me that once I’m done with all of my 12 chapters of “A Girl From The Apple Orchard,” I should publish it. I’m not sure if that’s what’s going to happen, but I am certainly excited about the possibility and so happy that BBprompts give us this opportunity. Looks like it worked out for you. (Or am I wrong regarding the assumption that this novella came out of the prompts?

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    • Thank you! Putting the stories to use in a publication would probably work out well for you. I don’t know what you plan for your serialization, but I saw mine as an opportunity to put out some promotional material for an upcoming book. What you have might be a ‘self-contained’ story, but having free stuff to pass out is a good way to draw in readers. Folks other than the BB community will discover what you’re writing. I’d still suggest adding some kind of new material to a publication to really stir up interest. Good luck!

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