Wait Until After the Chickens Explode

Fall is a busy season around here.  Some crops in the garden are basically done, but some keep going until the first frost.  The other day we were warned such an event might happen, so I picked all the tomatoes.  Between the different varieties and levels of ripeness, the harvest turned out quite colorful:


Peanuts take the whole growing season, but frost meant it was time to harvest them, also.  Peanuts are weird.  Their tops bend to the soil so their seeds can grow underground.  This is what they look like when you pull them up:


Speaking of nuts (although peanuts are actually legumes), this is also the time of year those begin falling from the trees and bushes.  We’ve got black walnut, hickory, and hazelnuts growing around here, and trying to encourage pecans to take up residence.  You can see them here:


But summer has to end before fall advances, and one sign that we’ve reached that time of year is the chickens begin molting.  Their old feathers fall out as new feathers grow in.  And who knows, maybe that layer of feathers on the chicken coop floor helps them stay warm through the winter.  Regardless, it looks like they’ve been exploding:


So what’s the point of this ramble?  Maybe it’s a gentle reminder that sticking to a schedule helps us to accomplish things … like posting a blog … yeah, that sounds good….

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