Unless You Don’t Feel Like It

There are many things in life, including writing, that demand discipline to get accomplished when your motivation seems to have gone on vacation.

We’ve all had those mornings when getting out of bed doesn’t seem worth it, or heading out to work only feels like drudgery.  But one of the characteristics that make us human is the fact we can rise above our feelings.

Think of the chaos that would ensue if the rules of society were amended to accommodate feelings:

Take a shower and brush your teeth, unless you don’t feel like it.

Feed any pets you have, unless you don’t feel like it.

Love your neighbor as yourself, unless you don’t feel like it.

Stop when the traffic light turns red, unless you don’t feel like it.

A society ruled by feelings might make a good backdrop for a dystopian story, but I suspect it would be a rather short story.  Writing, like practically everything else in life, is an accomplishment that must be tackled even when you don’t feel like it.  Yet accomplishing something always gives you a good feeling.

Yes, this post is shorter than normal, but at least it got written, even though I didn’t feel like blogging….