A Brief Announcement


For those of you who are Smashwords members, or would like to be, take note (and heart):  Today through April 20, 2020, contributors are participating in an Authors Give Back sale.  As stated on their site:

This sale is the direct result of several Smashwords authors requesting that Smashwords run a special sale.  These authors wanted to show their support to readers who now face unprecedented social isolation, anxiety and economic hardship as a result of the world response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At first it was a no-brainer to offer the first two books of my End of an Age series for free, but then my brain kicked in and I thought long and hard about it.  Smashwords also had this to say:

THIS IS NO ORDINARY SALE:  Readers everywhere are going through great difficulty.  There’s the difficulty of social isolation as readers shelter in place at home.  There’s the real concern that one’s family or friends will be harmed by Covid-19.  There’s the economic hardship and uncertainty that touches everyone.  As you promote your participation in this special one-time sale, please do so with heart, compassion and sensitivity.  Before promoting your participation or a particular title, ask yourself, “How can my book(s) make a person’s day brighter?”

The End of an Age books are about a coronal mass ejection that crashes the electrical grid and the technology dependent upon it.  The storyline focuses on a young woman with a bioenergetic ability that makes her a target to a corrupt faction.  There is tribulation and death.

But there is also courage and hope.  Because I do want to reach out to readers, I’ve decided to offer these books for free.  But I do so with a caveat.  If nothing else, you’ve learned about this sale and can find many amazing offers.

If you’re not already a Smashwords member, signup is free.

Click on the link below to get started.  And stay safe!


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