Why I Love Crunchy Peanut Butter


As a writer/reader of post-apocalyptic, sci-fi thriller type of stories, observing the current pandemic has been … interesting.  Sociologists and psychologists will be picking this one apart for a while.  Hopefully we’ll all be “flattening the curve” sooner than later and this will become one of those life events we’ll regale our grandchildren with.

With hubby working from home now, I had to go into town earlier this week to restock some of our supplies.  Until then I had been somewhat buffered from the swarms of locusts that descended upon the toilet paper, milk, canned goods, etc.

I wound up going to various stores to find everything.  It’s one thing to see and read about all the empty shelves in stores.  Actually walking through aisles that induce me to imagine the wind blowing and crickets chirping is more profound.

One of the items on my list was peanut butter.  There is only one brand and variety I buy (one of the few things I’m persnickety about).  Only one store in town carries the large-size jar.  As fast as we go through peanut butter, I buy it all from that establishment because it’s more cost effective.

I also knew locusts would hoard peanut butter the same way they do tuna, canned peaches, and the like.

When I first turned down that aisle of that store, my heart fell.  More empty shelves.  But then I spied a small grouping of peanut butter jars amidst all the vacancy.  There was only one style available: crunchy.

Apparently locusts don’t like crunchy peanut butter.

Did I mention we eat only crunchy peanut butter in our household?

And there sat large jars of the brand and variety I buy.  It was like the clouds parted and sun rays beamed down and angels began singing.

Being a writer, I was spurred into philosophical contemplation about this incident.  We’re in the midst of “interesting times” that challenge us, but perhaps can also inspire us.  That jar of crunchy peanut butter became a beacon of hope to me.  Despite ill winds blowing, we can weather this event and come out stronger, and wiser, when it is finished.

People on the front lines (first responders, medical personnel, etc.) are doing all they can to help stem the pandemic.  I give those of you my gratitude and standing ovation.  I’ll keep in my prayers any folks, and their loved ones, who are dealing directly with COVID-19.  Help can come where many people least expect it.

I’ll never take crunchy peanut butter for granted again….

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